HB Schools Years 7 - 13 Chess Tournament 2016

Hastings Sports Centre - Friday 20th May

Fast mover wins Hawke's Bay Schools Chess Championship

Speedy play helped Calvin Herbert claim the Hawke's Bay Schools Chess Championship in Hastings today.
Herbert, a Year 12 student at Hastings Boys' High School, won all six of his games in the secondary open section of the championship, played at the Hastings Sports Centre.
In two of his games he won because his opponent had exceeded the 15-minute limit allocated to each player. "I play a lot of chess on-line, where we only have three minutes each for the whole game, so it was easy for me to play quickly here," he explained.
Herbert's victims included two of the favourites, Charlie Li and Sebastian Ayson-Macfarlane. Li, who won the tournament last year, and Ayson-Macfarlane, who finished second this year, are both Year 10 students at Napier Boys' High School.
"I'd never beaten them before so I was thrilled to win those games," he said.
"This is the first tournament I've ever won and I'll definitely continue with chess - I love it."
The championship, supported by the Hastings District Council and Hawke's Bay Chess Inc, catered for secondary and intermediate students.

Winners of other sections were:
Year 11: Harry Champion, Napier Boys' High School.
Year 10: Aidan Olsen, Lindisfarne College.
Year 9: Isaac Kim, Napier Boys' High School.
Year 8: Finley Duncan, Lindisfarne College
Year 7: Dylan Anderson, Taradale Intermediate School.


First in Open Grade: Calvin Herbert

21 May 2016

A big thank you to all of the schools who participated in yesterday's years 7 - 13 chess tournament. There are always going to be winners and losers but we hope that the kids all enjoyed the experience.

And thank you also to Opal Taylor and her team at the Hastings Sports Centre. These tournaments involve them in a lot of extra work, which they happily undertake so that students can have the opportunity to take part in the game of chess at a more serious level.


Open    1st Calvin Herbert       Hastings Boys
        2nd Seb Ayson-Macfarlane Napier Boys
        3rd Jade Dixon           Hastings Boys

Year 11 1st Harry Champion       Napier Boys
        2nd Nick Wright          Napier Boys
        3rd Nathaniel Smith      Hastings Christian School

Year 10 1st Aiden Olsen          Lindisfarne
        2nd Dane Skogstad        Karamu
        3rd Christopher Eldridge Taradale High

Year 9  1st Isaac Kim            Napier Boys
        2nd Lachlan Taylor       Lindisfarne
        3rd Lee-Ban Kim          Napier Boys

Year 8  1st Finley Duncan        Lindisfarne
        2nd Ben Shirley          Napier Intermediate
        3rd Jessica Bremner      Nuhaka

Year 7  1st Dylan Anderson       Taradale Intermediate
        2nd Harry Brenton-Rule   Hereworth
        3rd Cassius Solomon      Hereworth

Coming chess tournaments

Friday 12 August       Inter-school Teams' Tournament
Friday 28 October      Hawke's Bay Junior, years 1 - 6 Tournament.
Alan Berry
Hawke's Bay Chess Inc


HB Region Secondary Schools Chess Tournament 2015