Hawke's Bay Chess Incorporated

Chess on Wed.2nd May 2018.

Doors open 6.00pm.

Coaching if you want it 6.15 - 6.45pm.

The first Wed. of the second school term is an open night...play who you like, how you like.

From 7.00pm. onwards Chris with my help will be working out the Grades for the Club Championships which starts next Wednesday 9th May.

The following players have indicated their willingness to play in the Champs.

Standard Rating List 01 May 2018
1Ivan Dordevic 2464
2Chris Smith 2315
4Ross McKerras 2214
6Rodger Neal 2082
8Brent Cooze 1983
10Michael Earle 1779
12Romulo Nunes 1728
13George Kimber 1693
14Philip Lower 1672
15Brian Reeder 1637
17Harry Brenton-Rule 1518
23Derek Morrison 1349
25John Gilbert 1309
30Stewart Hyslop 1244
31Alan Berry 1225
33Hugo Till 1154
40David Smith 1021

That is a total of seventeen and I'm waiting to hear from the Duncan boys.

If you want to play and your name is not there please contact me immediately.

Once we have worked out the Grades we will have a draw and work out who you will be playing on 9th May.

Chris is working out separate rating lists for the Rapid and the Long game based on past events, so it will be interesting to see if there are differences.

There was a Handicap event last week and the Winner was....................................William, 2nd Finlay and 3rd Ross.

Hope to see you.