Pete's Bishop 2015

Trophy to Hastings 12½-11½

Round One and Two at Hastings 14 October
1Andrei SharkoChris Smith (W)(capt)0-10-1
2Michael BurnRodger Neal1-0½-½
3Magnus Macfarlane (capt)Brent Cooze1-01-0
4Charlie LiBailey Sadlier1-01-0
5Sebastian Ayson-MacfarlaneCalvin Herbert1-01-0
6Jacob MitaBrian Reeder0-10-1
7Bohan ChenJustin Reichs0-11-0
8Nicky WrightMartin Stafford0-10-1
9Harry ChampionStewart Hyslop1-00-1
10Mike ClareJohn Gilbert1-01-0
11Yon van RadersLiam Millar0-10-1
12Harry Brenton-Rule/RayneJann Schmeidel0-10-1

Pete's Bishop

Held Wednesday 14th October 2015 at Havelock North High School library by way of a two round rapid (G25+5).

Boy was it close. After many years (not sure how many but a lot and too many) Pete's Bishop headed south with an aggregate team score of 12.5 / 11.5. It couldn't be much closer.

Many thanks to the team members on both sides taking part. Every game was important to the overall result and there were some nail biting and difficult to watch games (the tension and frustration by the observers) being played across all boards. Both teams had a couple of regular and senior players not able to make it on the night and we had some new players along this year participating as well.

As the evening progressed people were trying to analyse the score board, assessing the permutations for a likely winner. Questions were being asked "what if it is a draw?"  Near the end of the second and final round Hastings needed one win from the last three boards being played to secure the trophy. First result of the three in..... went to Napier. The second result in..... went to Napier. Was it going to be a tie which meant Napier would retain the trophy? The tension was growing. The last result in, fittingly on board one, went Hastings way with Chris winning on time over long time rival Andrei.

Disappointment for Napier on the night and celebration to Hastings after all these years coming up empty handed.

Regardless of the result it was a great event and the format I would like to see programmed for each year but not counted as Pete's Bishop which has its own format which we should return to.

Many thanks to David Smith for setting up all the boards and also for providing refreshments. Thanks also to Brenda for looking after the refreshment area.