Martin Stafford Trophy 2017

Trophy to Napier 17½-8½

Round One and Two at Hastings 30 August 2017
1Michael BurnChris Smith (W)(capt)1-01-0
2Magnus Macfarlane (capt)Brent Cooze0-10-1
3Charlie LiRodger Neal½-½1-0
4Bruce GerdesMichael Earle0-11-0
5Mark LancasterRomulo Nunes1-01-0
6Sebastian Ayson-MacfarlanePhilip Lower1-00-1
7Daniel KimGeorge Kimber1-01-0
8Harry ChampionJustin Reichs1-00-1
9Andrew WrightDerek Morrison1-00-1
10Nick WrightCassius Solomon1-00-1
11Stanley PatyStewart Hyslop1-01-0
12Harry Brenton-Rule/Mike ClareDavid Smith1-01-0
13Jerome KeepaRoark Zachary0-11-0
Held Wednesday 30th August 2017 at Havelock North High School library by way of a two round rapid (G25+5).